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Maximum Loving!

So, what's an adorable mutt like me doing in a purebred rescue? Well, pictures don't always tell the whole story. I sure looked like a pointer in the photo the shelter sent, but once I showed up here at my foster home it was obvious that something else is in the woodpile. I'm still awful cute, though!

Max is a very sweet young dog (probably about 2 or so). His favorite thing in the world is to be upside down in the lady's lap getting his belly rubbed! He is very social with both people and other dogs. He LOVES to play fetch and is very good about bringing the ball back to you. He can be a little jealous/possessive of both his people and his toys, but he responds well and quickly to correction. He is crate trained and housebroken and has very good house manners (if you don't mind a constant companion!). He is a "velcro dog" who loves to be with his people.

Max arrived at his foster home with several medical issues that he is almost finished working through (he had mange and a major ear infection). Once he completes his mange treatment he will be neutered and ready for his new home, probably around mid-April. So, if you're looking for a snuggle-buddy who will love you to the Max, please consider bringing him into your life!

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