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Handsome Young Man!

Huck is a sweet puppy who was dumped at a Tennessee shelter by his breeder. He was very scared in the shelter, but managed to make his way to a foster home in New York. He is still a little wary in some situations, but the resident dogs in the foster home have given him the confidence to show his true inner puppy! Huck has lots of energy and likes to play and snuggle. His favorite thing is a rope/fleece braided toy that he likes to carry around and toss in the air. He also loves tennis balls, nylabones and playing with his kong. He is wonderful with his crate and will go in willingly and doesnít cry or whine overnight. Huck is very good with other dogs (of all sizes/ages) and loves to play. He is much more confident with another dog around so the best home for him would include at least one other dog. Huck seems great with kids, but may be a bit too energetic around babies or toddlers until he is a bit older and more trained. He is excited by our cat, but has been respectful of her. Huck needs a lot of training (like any puppy!) and we have already started working on leash manners, sit, down, off, leave it and more. He is picking things up fast and is food motivated, so that is a big help! Hunting instinct is strong in Huck and his nose works overtime in the brush so he might be a great hunting companion. Not sure if he is gun-shy or not, he might be afraid due to how some sudden movements or sounds make him a little unsure. The housebreaking is going excellent, he keeps his crate clean and hasnít had an accident yet. He was very well behaved for ear cleaning and nail trimming as well. Huck will be neutered, microchipped and get the rest of his shots on April 5th. He is also on flea and heartworm preventative.

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