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Running to You!

Runner is a just a wonderful one year old male Pointer but when it comes to energy he is a non-stop running machine. He is only about 40 lbs, loveable as can be but has no manners yet and will jump on you and generally just be a too cute wild child. His potential is truly unlimited and we can guarantee that if he can find a home where he can run off this seemingly unlimited energy, he will also be just thrilled to curl up on your couch and be the proverbial couch potato! Can also guarantee that he will be a clown who will keep you grinning or laughing all the time with his antics!

If you don't know Pointers - they are incredibly loving dogs, very forgiving and very sweet. But they do love to run and chase birds and butterflies and dig your rocks up to chase the lizards. Runner will not be happy in a small back yard where he can't turn it up full speed unless his owner is able to take him running 2,3 or more miles every day. So if you are a runner looking for a running buddy, he could also be the perfect candidate.

Update 8/8/12:   Runner recently arrived at a new PRO foster home in MD where he will be undergoing heartworm treatment and will then be ready to join your family!

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