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Chloe is Hunting for a Home

My name is Chloe.

I am a 2 year old female English Pointer, spayed and up to date on shots, flea and tick and heartworm preventative.

Playful describes me. I love to chase a laser pointer, playing tug of war and anything else when you are involved with it because I am eager to please you and learn from you. Riding in the car is one of my favorite things! Well you know if you taking me out to play in a dog park or for a walk in the forest where I will point birds for you.

At home is ok too as I love to play in my fenced yard with a 4 foot fence and so far I have never jumped or tried to go over or escape. I am House trained and I will sing or bark for you to let you know I need to go outside. I am crate trained and voluntarily go to sleep there or I will go there during thunder storms because I feel safe there.

Even when the two cats in the house jump on my crate and wake me up I never hurt them or chase them. I just give them a lick or smell them.

I am looking for my Forever Family. Someone who will walk with me, play with me, teach me new things because I am eager to be part of your life.

Please, can you be my family? I would love you and be your brown-eyed girl.

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