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Ames Needs Your Help!

Ames is a beautiful, loyal dog. He will come, sit and down in the house and yard. He is allowed free run of the house while we are gone, but is also crate trained. He is learning to walk nicely on the gentle leader. He is just learning to fetch, and that chasing balls can be fun. He goes to the dog park almost every day, as his foster has a small yard. Sometimes he just gets walked, when we are working him on commands, or leash, and he seems to be fine with that. He is so excited to be chasing birds and butterflies at the dog park, though...he runs and runs....his tail wags the whole time, except for when he is pointing.

Ames is very attached to the woman of the house at his foster home, and will follow her everywhere, laying quietly nearby. He gets along with the dog and children at his foster home, and people and dogs at the dog park, but has not been tested with cats. We are working on Ames' attention and recall when on walks, and at the park. Because Ames is still working on manners when excited, we do not recommend him for a home with small children. He currently lives happily with a 10 and 12 year old.

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