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Lizzie Needs a Fresh Start

I'm writing to represent Metro Paws Animal Hospital and our foster, an English Pointer named "Lizzie". Lizzie came to our vet hospital with her owner to be seen as an appointment for chronic diarrhea. Her body condition score was a 2/9, and she had been diagnosed previously with whipworms. After spending some time with her owner in the room, it became clear he was not interested in treating her. Finally, he admitted, "I either just want someone to take her or you need to put her to sleep." Being a rescue friendly organization, we took her on as part of our own foster based rescue system. She was treated for her conditions with a variety of meds- metronidazole, pred, probiotics.... and put on a special diet. She quickly began to gain weight. Within a few weeks, she had put on 12 pounds and is now a healthy 40 pound dog. We spayed her, vaccinated her, and tested her for heartworm (negative).

She has been in the hospital boarding since the end of February. She has a clean bill of health, and I have started clicker training for her. We all love her, and the staff is very bonded to her.

Unfortunately, boarding at the hospital is NOT a good rescue option, particularly not for a sporting dog, so we are looking for another program.

Could you be the one to give Lizzie her new start in life? If you are interested in fostering her for PRO, please complete a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering Lizzie.

For adoption information, please contact:

Sara Wright
Metro Paws Animal Hospital
1910 Skillman St Dallas, TX 75204

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