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Make Me a King

Regal is a young and happy pointer probably between 1 and 2 years old. He has been with our family a couple of months now and has adapted very quickly to our large pack of 8 dogs and 2 children.

In addition to getting along with everyone he's encountered so far he has shown no interest in badgering our barn cats or livestock; including horses and cows. Our 18 mo old son and 4 yr old daughter love him to death and no amount of affection or attention bothers Regal a bit. Apparently to a toddler, pointers are good pillows.

He is a lovely boy who is eager for attention but fortunately not as demanding or insistant upon getting it as some previously neglected rescues we've fostered. If not for the fact that we are trying to reduce the number of dogs inhabiting our couches we wouldn't let Regal go......he's just an awesome dog with a superlative temperment.

Regal will start heart worm treatment very soon under the care of our veterinarian and will very soon be ready to be a very, very special part of a great family!

For a hilarious look at Regal enjoying himself at his foster home, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irHTWJe25rM

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