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Shelby Needs a New Home

Shelby is a 2 yr old liver, spayed female, 38 pounds and about 22-23 inches at the shoulder.

She is current on all her vaccines and fully vetted, she is (HW-) and on interceptor for heart worms, she also micro chipped.

She will not hunt and is a timid about thunderstorms.

She gets along well with all our dogs (a 10 yr old Vizsla, 4 yr old GSP,and a 2-3 yr old rescued GSP-- the 10 yr and 4 yr old are neutered males and the last one is a spayed female).

Shelby loves people and loves to play with other dogs, she is very submissive and very loving. She loves time spent on your lap or next to you. She is crate trained and sleeps all night very quietly. The only time she barks is when she is trying to get one of the other dogs to play and occasionally when it is feeding time.

Shelby just wants to be a part of the family and be loved, she is a very happy girl and and very easy going.

For more information about giving Shelby the loving forever home she deserves, please contact:

Cindy Hicks
Lewisville, NC 27023

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