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Choco Needs your Help!

Choco is a strong, sweet two-year-old girl who has spent a portion of her life as a rural stray in South Carolina with her best buddy Lonnie. She misses him lots (he is with another foster family) but is getting adjusted to her new foster home and foster brother, Charlie. Choco loves to run, to smell anything and everything, to play chase with Charlie, and to take walks (she's still learning not to pull on the leash), but mostly she loves to cuddle her humans. She is an absolute glutton for petting and seems to crave human attention and affection. For a dog that has not recently been someone's pet, she is amazingly gentle with and trusting of all people she has encountered here.

Choco is fairly small (35 pounds) but is working on gaining a few needed pounds. She likes her dinner and loves dog cookies! She enjoys baths and is patient with all kinds of grooming, so she would likely integrate quickly into the care and routine of a new home. She also loves her crate, settles in easily at night and even chooses it in the day for naps. Sometimes she carries her toy duck to bed with her, too.

Choco's tail is wagging whenever she's not sleeping or pointing. She is spayed, micro-chipped, up-to-date on shots, and eager to find and love her new forever family!

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