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Celebrating My Indy-pendence

Something is special about Indy, a 5-ish year old English Pointer. Maybe it is the way she looks at you with those attentive eyes? Maybe it is the way she likes to cuddle and capture your affections? But I really think she is very special because she has the attitude of gratitude. From the moment, we brought her into our foster home, she has worked so hard to please us. She crate trained herself and has been very respectful. All the other dogs get along with her really well, probably because they know that she is fun to be around. Out in the big world, she enjoys going for hikes and rides in the car. At home, she loves playing in her doggy pool and rolling around on the lawn with a deep sense of pleasure that can only come from a dog that is truly grateful for having a second chance. Indy is looking for forever people that will treat her like a member of the family and will give her a spot on the couch so that she can cuddle with you. Indy deserves people that enjoy life as much as she does. If you can give Indy what she deserves, please fill out an application.

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