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Alex is Ready for You

Alex has been doing great getting along with the rest of our group which has 2 other older males and a young female. He plays with them all but sees to play more with the younger girl !! He also doesn't even care about our cat; he walks right by without even a worry!! He can really keep himself amused in the yard chasing birds at the feeders and in the bushes. He has a nice point too. Although he does like to run with us also. We call him froggy because when he gets hot he will sprawl out in the nearest mud puddle or such to cool off. He really is a good boy and pretty easy to have around too. He has one bad habit - he likes to put his feet up on your chest when he wants to be petted. He is so cute when he does it too, but he quickly gets down when told to. You could say he loves too much!

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