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Casey's a Good Boy!

Hi, I am Casey and thanks for checking out my story. I was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida and some volunteers drivers and pilots made sure I am safe now in my Ohio foster home. As you can see I am very handsome and am marked with beautiful ticking on one of my ears. When outside I don't stop moving. Spending time looking for birds, playing and running with the other Pointers in my home are my favorite activities. I am very young and healthy, probably only 1 or 2 years old and didn't live in a house before. I want to please my humans so I am learning to be a good inside dog and will need to be crated for now at night and if anyone leaves the house for long periods. If you have another easy going but playful dog in your house, that would be great for me to have a four legged friend about my size and energy level. A high fenced yard is absolutely necessary for my yard because I am very athletic and could easily jump or climb a chain linked fence under 6 foot tall. I weighed 45 pounds at my recent visit to the vet but should continue to gain weight with a high fat and protein dog food for sporting breeds. My neuter and vaccinations are all done including monthly HW/flea medications. There are no cats at my house. Due to my typical prey drive and Pointer energy I probably would not be very friendly with one. Thanks for visiting, and if you would like to inquire about adding me to your family please complete an application so my foster mom can answer your questions about me.

Please note that Casey has been diagnosed with canine seizure disorder. He is managing it without medication, but will require a very special home!

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