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Jackson Needs a New Home!

Hello, I'm Jackson, an eight year old English Pointer. I am missing my family because I got separated from my previous family and was lost. I never did find them but I did manage to find this great Pointer Rescue organization. My foster dad has discovered that I really am a family boy with good house manners and a friendly nature. Now, don't let my age scare you because we Pointers live long, healthy lives and I have many good active years ahead of me. I'd be perfect for anyone who likes to go for walks or just wants a buddy to be by your side. I'd sure like another family to call my own. If you give me that opportunity, you'll discover the joys of owning an English Pointer, more than just a bird dog.We Pointers are very affectionate with a fun sense of humor. I'll make you smile everyday, I promise.

If you'd like a new buddy, please fill out our application.

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