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E.J. Needs a Second Chance

E.J. was surrendered by her owner because she is not a good hunting dog and is gunshy. He was planning on euthanizing her, but since she is in good health, has been spayed, has a good temperament, etc. I asked if he would allow me to find a home for her (I work as a receptionist in a vet clinic).

E.J. is very sweet. She likes being petted and will lick my hand. She heels well for the majority of walk time. However, she is very timid and does not like loud noises. I do not know how she does around children. She has been introduced to my dog Peanut, and seems to be fine. I think with patience and love she would make a great pet, just not a hunting dog! She is a super sweet girl. She loves to cuddle and be petted. Most of the time she's snuggled up on our sofa. She gets along great with Peanut, my little terrier mix. She also does very well on walks and she has had zero accidents in the house, which is amazing, because she was strictly kenneled before, definitely not a house dog before now! I am positive she will make a great family pet.

If you can open your heart and home to fostering E.J. please complete a PRO Volunteer form and indicate your interest in fostering E.J.

For adoption information, please contact:

Katherine Appel
Bern-Sabetha Veterinary Clinic
1014 Main Street Sabetha, KS

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