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Sue is Ready for You

Hi!! My name is Sue, well Strikeís Elhew Sue if you want to be formal about it although really prefer to be called Suzie or Sue-Bee!! I am a two-year-old black and white Elhew English Pointer. I am 40 lbs and have pedigree papers you know!! According to www.superiorpointers.com, ďthe customary temperament of the pure Elhew dog is markedly different. Elhew dogs are more sensitive, compliant, and requiring of approval. In that sense, the Elhew temperament is similar to that often attributed to setters, with the notable exception that the Elhew pointer typically matures, and can be developed, much earlier. ď This means I am easy to train!!!

My owner had many dogs from my lineage including my mother and father but he became too old to care for a dog with my energetic needs. I am quite happy in my new foster home! I love my foster brother and sister English Pointers! I love to go for long walks and I do that especially well on a gentle leader. Otherwise, I am most happy when I have a willing dog to play with and have plenty of bones and chew toys at my disposal. I am crate trained, house trained, and am learning basic commands. I am also spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on all vaccinations. Really, I am a big love bug at heart although it makes me a bit of an attention hog sometimes. I love to snuggle in my foster parents bed at night and snooze on their couches in from of the fireplace. I do have a fair amount of energy and prefer to play with other dogs that donít mind my boisterous nature. In fact, my foster mom says I may not do best in a home with small children, as I donít quite know my own strength when Iím playing. First and foremost, I would be most happy in a home where I could have lots of attention and affection from my people! I even bet that if someone were to train me to hunt, I would be a most willing hunting companion. I have heard that most of the dogs from my lineage were champion huntersÖnot to brag or anything!!!!

Would you consider loving me forever??? I sure hope so!!! I know I would always make you happy!!!

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