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Jeb Needs a New Home

He knows sit very well and he certainly gets 'no'. There's another one I came up with for Joby that they seem to learn really easily, and that's 'be nice'. He'll respect that and back off with the mouthing, or getting too nosy with the kitties, or jumping. He knows he has to sit to get hugs. He's excellent around the cats. Him and Joby are madly in love. Now that they both get lots of exercise outside, he's extremely well behaved in Joby's old humongous kennel. I had a bunch of people over last Saturday including three little kids, and he was perfectly good being either outside and away from them or in the kennel. The little girls could give him treats and he was very polite and happy. Oh, and last night Joby and I dispatched another raccoon out in the yard, and Sonny got to inspect that, which was wondrously exciting, of course. So he's getting the whole treatment. I'm still keeping him on a leash in the house, and I'll play that by ear whether it goes longer than a month. He's figured out how to lay out and relax with rawhide now, so he will be capable of sitting still off-leash occasionally.

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