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Happy Needs Your Help

Hi! My name is Happy and I was named for my personality. I am an approximately 3 year old male liver and white pointer and I was dropped off at a shelter in North Carolina where PRO found me. I am neutered, up to date on vaccines, and heartworm negative. My foster mom thinks that I was an outdoor dog in my former life. I've only been living inside a house for a few months but I am learning how to be a house dog very quickly. I still love to be outside and enjoy running around my fenced-in backyard. I'm housebroken and crate trained, although it still takes some coaxing with a treat or a toy to get me to go to my crate when asked. Once I'm inside the crate I quiet down quickly. I'm full of energy and like to run, jump, and play with toys or other dogs. I will definitely need to live in a home that has a fenced in back yard or have owners who like to take long walks, run, bike or hike as I need to expel my pointer energy a lot! I haven't shown any hint of aggression, even when my older pointer foster brother gets cross with me because I'm too Happy. That's OK, he's just reminding me to turn my pointer energy off for quiet time. My foster mom can touch all my toes, my ears, and remove toys or food from my mouth and I don't mind. I think I would be good with children (more people to play with!) but if your children are very small I may accidentally knock them over with my pointer energy. I'm learning to sit and walk on leash without pulling but will need my family to have patience and give me time as I am so excited about life that I sometimes have a hard time focusing. One of my favorite activities is finding toys in the toy box, especially ones that are chewy or squeak. I sometimes get confused and think that other furry objects, like slippers, are toys, but my foster mom is teaching me to tell the difference. I may make a few mistakes until I learn what are and are not toys in your home. I do show pointing and birding tendencies but I'm scared of loud noises, so I may not be a very good hunting companion. Due to my prey drive I probably would not be a good friend for a cat. If you would like to learn more about me or adopt me, please fill out an adoption application!

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