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Jade Needs Your Help

Jade is a very energetic girl, who LOVES to run like the wind and picks up the scent of every rabbit and deer that crossed our back field. She is about a year old, already spayed, fulled vetted, and heartworm negative. She is pretty straight-legged in the front, but it doesn't affect her performance at all. She is overly interested in our cats, and seems to consider them "huntable". Our male cat may still be able to teach her to accept a confident indoor cat though. She doesn't know any commands, and while she learns quickly, she is also a stubborn little girl. She already learned to go into her crate without fussing, and she doesn't chew on her bed. She will while for a few minutes, but then stops. If she sees a dangerous intruder, such as the mailman, she barks a little bit to let us know he's there. She has been very friendly to every person she has met, although we haven't been able to test how she does with children. She gets along with our male and female dogs, who are all 55 lbs and up. She tends to play a little rough sometimes with very gentle dogs like Gracie, but not aggressively. I can take toys and food away without any problems, and she's been in a very happy mood ever since she got here. Overall, I think she'll make a wonderful addition to an active family or person!

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