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Alto Needs Your Help

Alto, like most senior pointers, is just delightful! He's old enough to have developed some sense, but young enough to still have spunk- he likes to wiggle and dance with happiness when you greet him. He has likely lived outside his whole life and doesn't quite understand furniture, so if you want a dog that stays off your couch, Alto is your man! He just wants to be loved and to be with his person all the time, but he likes his crate as well and has no issue being there. He is beautifully mannered and very very mellow, loving to lean on your legs while you're doing dishes, sitting on the couch, or eating dinner. He absolutely loves car rides.

He has a significant underbite which gives him a very endearing expression, and his bottom teeth have been worn down from hitting his top teeth. The rest of them are very clean! Due to age he does have a few small skin tags, none of which concerned the vet at all. His heart and lungs sound great, and the vet noticed no problems whatsoever.

He will chase cats if they run from him, but is good with other dogs and people of all ages. He is still a little defensive of food at the moment, making a lot of noise if other dogs approach his crate while he's eating, but we are working on teaching him that other dogs won't steal his food and he can relax! He is incredibly sweet and wants a person or family to show unconditional love to!

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