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Foster Needs a New Home

Foster was rescued from a kill shelter in GA, and was recently moved to his PRO foster home in North Carolina.

His foster mom reports that he is settling in well, spending time with his foster siblings (including cats and goats).

Update 7/4/13: He is a great house dog. A bit busy but he has to see everything and follow where you are. His eating habits have improved immensely. Guess he’s figured out he can eat twice a day, so he doesn’t have to wolf it down. Took him to Tractor Supply - he was attracted to the Guineas and chickens, but not too keen on being inside the store.

He is good with cats. Behaves well with other neutered male & female dogs, good inside. Likes to go for walks. Requires a fence. The youngest child he has met so far is almost 3 yrs old and he was good with him.. Not a barker unless there's something to bark at. Crate trained. Rides well in a vehicle. Good eater. Loves toys

Foster is current on vaccinations, recently neutered and on heartworm preventative.

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