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Bart Needs His Retirement Home

Bart is an 11 year old lemon and white male Pointer. He came from Animal control in Missouri as a cruelty case. He was underfed and full of ticks. You could see every bone in his body. He had untreated infections, scars, and pressure sores from lying chained on cement. His coat was stained from sleeping in his own filth.

And after all that---Bart is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs you will ever meet. His tail thumps like crazy when he hears you coming. He LOVES people, will lean into you for petting, and curl up in your lap if you let him. He loves affection, and food. He is the kind of dog that will greet you when you come home with total joy, and follow you around with utter devotion.

Bart had not lived indoors before coming to his foster home but took to it right away. He is housebroken and crate trained. He does not get into things if left home alone. He lives in his foster home with two other dogs, a cat, and pet birds, and does fine with all of them. He loves people and is very gentle with children. He walks great on a leash. He has no bad habits that we've seen. He is just a sweet tempered, calm, loving old dog that wants a family or person to call his own.

Bart will be neutered as soon as his weight is little better. He is recovering well and is expected to regain good health. As you can see from the pictures, right now his main activity is lying around sleeping. He has his occasional bursts of puppy playful energy, but then he needs another nap. Bart would love to find someone who can give him the loving, comfortable life he never knew. He is a big-hearted dog with a generous spirit, and he will give love and gratitude in abundance in return for your care.

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