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Betsy Needs Your Help


Betsy is a survivor of the F5 tornado that swept through Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.

Betsy loves to run and explore she is high energy she has shown the ability to jump/climb a six foot fence. She did that the first few days but has settled down and has not tried it since. She loves to chew hard bones, she also loves to rough house with my setter. She is very calm and will let you touch her anywhere with no issues. She walks ok on a leash but would rather be running free. She is house broke and spends the day in her crate with no issues. She sleeps on the couch at night with my setter. She will sit for her food but gulps it down in seconds, she loves baby carrots and dog biscuits. She may be a hunter hope to take in early Octobers as birds are stocked for dog training near my home. She will make a great pet for an active family with pointer experience.

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