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Duke Needs Your Help

Duke has been a great temporary addition to our family and is a joy to have around the house. He is somewhat of a couch potato during the day, and is really making up for lost time by enjoying all of the comforts a good home provides. He loves to lounge on the bed and lay on the couch. We have a 2 ½ year-old female pointer and they get along great. I’ve had him out to the dog park many times, and overall he has done great and really gotten to relax and get used to being around other dogs. Every now and then he can get a little edge to him when around other non-neutered males. Overall I think he would fit in nicely in both single- and multi- dog homes, although it might be good for him to meet current pets if you have any.

Regarding people, he is as gentle as can be! He is great around kids (we’ve had him around kids young as 6 months) and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body when he interacts with humans. We’ve had him in all kinds of family situations and gatherings and he has done great. Duke is housebroken, but like a typical male he does like to mark his territory outside! Duke is in great health, although every now and then if you give him a lot of exercise (hour or more) you can sometimes tell his left hind leg causes him some discomfort. I can’t tell if it is an issue with his paw, joint, muscle, etc….maybe just from his poor living conditions prior to being pulled into PRO. Duke might try to run initially when you have him on a leash, but overall he does great and is not a big puller. We have a fence in our back yard, and that may be something that will be good for him (we have not experienced with electronic fences or collars). We have worked on his recall and he is pretty good about that. He’ll listen to “come here” about 80% of the time, you just have to be firm and loud and he knows to obey the command! He doesn’t really run off once he figures out his “home base”. Duke has been on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

We have generally not crate trained him, although he will put up with a crate if need be. However, because he is housebroken and not a chewer, we’ve had no problem leaving him free to roam the house during the day (usually with a bathroom break around lunch). Duke is not much of a barker. We have not taken Duke out in any hunting situations, although he definitely hasn’t shown the hunting / pointing instincts that many pointers do. An ideal adopter would be looking for a great, affectionate family dog and not have hunting as a primary requirement.

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