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Finley Needs a New Home

Hi I am adorable and adoptable little Finley, formerly known as Snoopy. I was just rescued from Missouri where I was living outside in the cold. I had been lost or abandonded. I had many car rides and a couple of plane rides to get to my foster home, they flew me to a place way in the woods where my foster Mom picked me up. I am a little pocket pointer. I am hardly any bigger than my foster Mom's 3 month old pointer puppy, and I surely have the heart of a puppy. I am very loving and don't like to let my foster mom out of my sight. I play nicely with my puppy pal all day long. We snuggle a lot too. Sometimes I take care of her and clean her all up. I have had many babies of my own. Now I am living the good life and sleeping in a bed and I insist on sleeping right beside my foster Mom's head at night. I really like keeping her close to me, makes me feel loved and happy. I have not known this love in my past. I go everywhere my Mom goes, even into the closet when she is putting stuff away. I like to know where she is all the time. I am a bit jealous of some of the other big dogs here, I try to keep them away from my new Mom. We are working on lots of new things. Love, Finley

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