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JB Needs Your Help

JB - (3 years old, located in Indiana)


JB was neglected as a young dog and was suffering from an infection that damaged his kidneys. JB is currently on medication to control his condition and is able to live normally in a household as long as his medications are given. He also gets an herbal medication called Kidney Support. Here is a link that describes it: Kidney Support - Gold This kidney support seems to keep his symptoms under control (kind of magically). He is taking Azodyl.

J.B. is a very loyal and cuddly dog. He will nuzzle right up into your neck if you let him and will cuddle with you as much as possible. When not cuddling, J.B. is a good and obedient boy. He can sit and stay and is sensitive to reprimands. J.B. also loves to play with other dogs as he is a younger dog that sometimes thinks he is still a puppy. If you tell him "no" he will listen but not before looking at you with his beautiful "James Bond" eyes to melt your heart. J.B. would do best in a home where he can let himself out through a doggie door. Although he is very potty trained and knows that he cannot do his business in the house, he was neglected for the first year of his life during which he had a bladder infection that damaged his kidneys so he is unable to "hold it" for as long as other dogs. While J.B. is maintained on his medicines he seems to be doing fine and will likely remain healthy for many years during which he will repay your kindness with undying love and affection.

If you are interested in fostering JB for PRO, please complete a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering JB.

For adoption information, please contact:

Aileen Worden
5633 Winthrop Ave; Indianapolis, IN 46220

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