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Blizzard Needs a New Home

Howdy there! I'm Blizzard- or as my foster mom calls me, Busy Blizzy. I am as real of a pointer as it gets- I am birdy to the point of obsession, love to run and play with other dogs, enjoy a good cuddle, and am very very very active! To be the good dog I really am, I need at LEAST 20-30 minutes of hard exercise each day- my foster mom is going to try to teach me to treadmill for nasty rainy days! My dream home would be with people who would let me chase birds on lots of land- or even better, hunt them with you!! I have been trained on an e-collar to hold steady on point.

But birds aside, I am a very sweet, gentle, and loving dog with a big sense of humor, big worried amber eyes, and the most hilarious expressions. I devote myself to people who pay attention to me and follow them around everywhere. I love to lean my head on you and look deep into your eyes while you rub my paw. Seriously. It's pathetic- but it works!!

For someone who has the patience to train a high-drive bird dog, I might even make you an agility partner! I love to jump and run and am very graceful. I'm not a fence jumper, though. If you have the time to devote to me, I'll devote my life to you!!

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