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Cloud Wants To Be Your Friend

Cloud is a young pointer (we estimate somewhere around 2, give or take a year!) who came to stay with us several months ago. He immediately fit in with our pack of 6 dogs and has proven to have dependable recall as our pack runs free between our place and the neighboring ranches.

With in just a couple days he also proved to be just fine around cats (scared to death and leaves them alone) and livestock; which he has chosen to ignore.

He is an absolute delight with our young children 2.5 y.o. boy and 5.5 y.o. girl, and is fully agreeable to all hugs, pulls and tugs. Like most of the rescue’s we have had the pleasure of fostering he tends to be naturally protective of the kids when livestock is around and that’s a nice trait as well.

And while all of this is good news to potential adopters of this great dog; none of it says a thing about “Cloud’s” best attributes. He’s just a cool dog. He is always happy and excited; he never jumps on me when greeting me and as I walk from barn to kennel or kennel to house I can count on Cloud’s soft, dry muzzle to gently caress my fingertips every step of the way.

We recently decided to permanently keep a foster dog that had come to us, we love him so…but had we not kept that dog I have positively no doubt that Cloud would be a permanent addition to our household. The only negative feedback I could offer is borne in our own inability to properly house train the dog. Having lost a few elderly dogs this summer we’re not ready to bring the “re-organizational” behaviors of pack animals into the house with our small children so Cloud has been a guest at our boarding kennel “Howliday Inn” since arriving in Texas. And while he comes into the house occasionally and interacts fine with all of our dogs we don’t want to push the issue and regret it later.

In a nutshell, I will honestly be jealous of whomever adopts this dog, but thrilled to death for Cloud, he is a cool pup that needs a “buddy” and a family to love and love him back. A sweet, sweet dog.

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