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Hunting for a New Home

Would you like a faithful companion who would go anywhere with you and be happy no matter what? Do you? Do you??!! I am your man! I was found roaming the Georgia countryside as a stray and was sent to a shelter. They thought I was about 5 years old however the vet that my foster mom took me to thinks Iím a bit older than that but not much! I was so happy to make it to my foster home. My foster mom said it seemed like I had probably lived outside my whole life and probably hadnít seen the love and attention that I deserved. I was so tired and skinny when I first arrived but after a lot of rest, good food and love, my true personality is shining through. I am pretty simple as far as pointers go. I love to take walks but I donít go crazy if I donít get one (like my foster brother and sister do). I am most content to be snuggled next to the people and dogs in my home and am happy snoozing away for hours on end. My foster mom is amazed that I, unlike any of the other pointers she has had, have no real desire to get out of bed in the morning. I am very low-key and mellow for a pointer she says. I just canít tell you how much I appreciate the love and comfort I have received so far. I just soak up any little bit of affection in the most polite way. I am not a pest either!! I am house trained, neutered, UTD on shots, walk well on a leash, get along well with all dogs and people, and will come back when my name is called (my mom has taken to calling me ďHuntyĒ). I could stay in my crate if I was made to but my mom lets me roam free in the house when sheís not home. Iím pretty well behaved I love to ride in the car and walk on the beach too! Would you love a ďfur-ever palĒ? Please say you do! I know you would love me just as much as I would love you!

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