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Glenda Needs Your Help

Glenda was originally found as a stray in Tennessee, and now she is loving life in her new poolside foster home in Miami, FL. Glenda is an extremely sweet girl, she is referred to in her foster home as "Happy Face Glenda". She is always happy, her tail wags nonstop. She is a very laid back girl, and loves to give attention and affection to anyone and everyone. She loves meeting people on her daily walks - she is quite strong on her leash. She gets along splendidly with all of the dogs in her foster home. She doesn't seem interested in the cats in the home. She LOVES to hear birds outside, she gets very focused when birds start singing on the power lines. She is great with kids as well.

Her foster mom thinks she is 80% Pointer and 20% cat, since she loves to rub up against her legs. Glenda is a leaner, she loves to lean on people for love. She is completely crate trained and we are working on housebreaking. She has been great so far, no accidents!!! She loves to sleep in her kennel, and even naps in there with the door open when we are home watching tv. She loves soft, plush toys and will sneak a few in there to sleep with her at night. She has a healthy appetite and lets you know when she wants to eat! She prefers to eat her snacks and meals in her kennel, without dogs to bother her.

If you are looking for an immensely sweet pointer and have lots of love to give, Glenda is your girl!!!!

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