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Takin' It to the Max!

Hey yíall! Iím Max. I was once a huntiní dog in the big oleí state of Texas. My owner decided he had too many dogs so he turned four of us older dogs into a shelter. This nice rescue group pulled us to safety. I am now in a foster home and learning about so many things I never knew existed (couches, tables, TV, dog toys etc.). I think the other dogs here arenít Texas tough like me, they lay on a couch thing and even have their own fluffy beds! Iím fine with laying right here curled up on the hard wood floor. My foster Ma and Pa are teaching me all of the house rules. I didnít know that it isnít polite to jump up on the table. I was just tryiní to see what was up there! With their guidance I assure you that I will learn to be a gentleman in no time. I love birds, I just want to find and point them. That used to be my job so I take it mighty seriously. I might be willing to find birds for you, but if itís time for me to retire from hunting thatís ok too (Iím not too fond of those ZAP collars, my old owner wasnít too kind with them). Just so ya know, itís only birds that Iím crazy about, I am as friendly as could be with the cat critters around these parts. I would prefer to be the only dog in my new home, but might be willing to accept another doggy pal if they are the perfect match. Foster Ma says I am very smart and learn easily, just show me what you want and Iíll do it (cookies are greatly appreciated!). That being said, I havenít walked much on a leash or learned many tricks yet so I still need some work. If you are looking for a handsome companion I might just be your guy. Fill out an adoption application to learn more about me. Max is a 5 year old Black & White English Pointer. He is neutered, up to date on all shots, and on flea & heartworm preventative. He seems housebroken and is a perfect gentleman in his crate and for car rides.

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