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Virgil Needs a New Home

Hello, My name is Virgil. I'm 1 1/2 years old and this is my story: I, my two siblings and what was believed to be our father were shivering and starving all alone in this thing humans call a 'Forest'. We were cold, hungry, scared and didn't know what we did to be left with no one to love us. Some very nice people came by and took us to a place called 'St. Francis CARE' in mid-December, 2012. We were scared but we were warm and got good food in our bellies. My siblings and dad have gone, and yet here I am all by myself. My favorite thing in the world is to give hugs... boy I love, love, love to hug humans. They feel so good when they pet me and love on me. I just wonder when I'm going to find my 'perfect human'... will you be the one?

Virgil would do best with an active family or in a home with a 6 foot fence (he can climb a 5 foot in no time flat). We believe with some training and some room to run, he will forget his desire to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Virgil is your typical English Pointer full of energy and happy good natured fun. He will seek out and point at every moth, butterfly, squirrel or bird you find. He can be redirected and enjoys some human touch as his reward for good behavior.

For adoption information, please contact:

Lori McClelland
St. Francis C.A.R.E.
6228 Country Club Rd, Murphysboro, IL 62966

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