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Hi - I'm Ginger!

I have had a rough life up to this point! I spent all my life making baby pointers for a dog breeder. Now I am now 6-7 years old and ready and learning to be a pet for the first time in my life. I am learning about living in a house. When I first got to my foster home I was a little scared to come in to the house and walk through doorways, you know they look different than a kennel. I am doing much better now. Here I have a choice to sleep on my dog bed and in my crate and I like both. I have heard my foster parents talk about me as a lap dog but I just like to cuddle.

I have never had an accident in the house and will tell you when I need to go out. At the dog park I like to run and explore and enjoy like a puppy, playing, chase and retrieve with a tennis ball. Well I like to play with it for a while before I will let you have it. Oh, yeah, and I love the car rides too just learning how to jump in now.

I am looking for a forever family, where I will get a little exercise a lot of love and attention. Could you be that family to teach me some new tricks? Come on, make that call for Ginger!!

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