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Say Hi to Slim

Hi yaíll my name is Slim. Iím originally from Texas and now in Maine. Excuse me..I hear a bird out back..MUST go investigate! Hereís my foster mom, she can tell you my story.

Yep thatís our Slim! He LOVES birds! Slim lived in a no-kill shelter in TX for 3 years; his estimated age is 5-6. He was loved, but the folks there wanted him to have a better life. PRO to the rescue! Slim gets along great with our female dogs (reportedly not so well with males). He is only mildly interested in the cat. He is adjusting to living inside and loves to curl up on the couch with you after a morning of stalking birds in the backyard. We are working on crate training, leash walking and general house manners. Slim would love to find a family that hunts and might invest in some training for him. He has plenty of natural ability; it just needs to be honed by someone who knows what they are doing. He is a sweet soul who is quickly learning what it means to be part of a family and loving it. Please consider giving this boy the forever home he deserves.

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