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Shea Needs a New Home

Hi, We are Sydney and Shae, 1 to 1 ½ year old English Pointer sisters, they call us the “Pointer Sisters”. Our breeder or former owner didn't want us any more so we were just abandon in the woods in Illinois, left there to survive on our own. No one is sure how long we were out there, but it was winter and very cold and we did not know how to find our own food, we were very hungry all the time. A nice lady found us after many sightings and caught us and took us to her kennel, where she fed us and took care of us and helped us gain some weight, we were very, very skinny. Now we are “Pro Dogs” and are in a nice foster home, but we need a forever home. We are sweet and beautiful, we love people, but are still quite skittish, we love cats and other dogs. We are 90% potty trained, we are a lot of fun, love to snuggle and very inquisitive. This living in a house is all new to us and we like it! Everything requires a full on investigation. We can be separated, but would prefer to be together, we are very bonded from our time in the woods. So it would be great if someone could adopt both of us!! Our foster Mom thinks we would be ok if we were separated, although she would rather we stay together. Sydney is very athletic and can jump really high, so she would be great at agility. We are still fearful of loud noises and new things, we are jumpy and bark at things that startle us but we are working on that. We are happy girls, we love sleeping with our foster Mom, and we don't fall out of bed much anymore. That was not fun. We are on the small side under 40 lbs, so we are kenneled together and we like that, we like to cuddle together, we kennel well. Our foster Mom would love to keep us but she can't keep helping other dogs if she does. She says we are beautiful, special and deserve a great home.

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