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Saber Needs Your Help

He's been in his foster home two full days and is settling in nicely. He's a very sweet boy who allows you to do anything - play with his feet, ears, tail, pick him up or cradle him on his back. When he's eating you can pet him, put your hand in his food or take his food away. Having another dog around is not a problem, even around food. He's extremely gentle around children (ages 5-11) and is happy and calm around new people. No jumping on people. Haven't gotten him around a cat yet but he didn't take any notice of the one that was hanging around the shelter when I picked him up. He's a bit timid - maybe cautious is a better word - in new situations or after sudden noises but he recovers quickly with a little reassurance. We've had a lot of rain but no thunder or lightning so I don't know how he'll react to that. He does need to learn basic obedience commands - all of them!!. He'll get on furniture if you let him but is easily corrected and resigns himself to the floor or his crate. He loves food and counter surfed on his first day here but hasn't since being corrected, though given half a chance, he'd probably try it again. There don't appear to be any chewing problems and he hasn't tried to get into the trash. He'll walk on a leash but tends to pull a lot. Housebreaking is our number one priority! There have been several 'accidents'. We took a field trip to the country today. He loved romping through the grass and appears to be very birdy. He didn't want to swim in the lake but did cool off in the puddles. The attached photos are from today's trip. He looks great!! No health problems or special feeding/sleeping arrangements. He still has his dewclaws. At this point I wouldn't describe him as particularly energetic - he likes to snuggle with his people - but I do think he'll come out of his shell a bit more over the next two weeks and will likely become more active. So far there hasn't been any indication of fence jumping.

Update 5/18/13:  Saber is a handsome, affectionate, easy-going, happy and healthy boy ready for his forever home. He's gentle and patient around children of all ages, gets along with other dogs but is very leery of cats. Saber enjoys snuggling with his people and will be a couch buddy if you let him, but he also needs walks and/or a safe place to run and expend some energy.

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