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Reno Needs a New Home

Reno came to his foster home from a shelter in Oklahoma, where the animal control officer spared him, noting how mellow and sweet he was. Fast forward to Reno four weeks later! He IS SUPER SWEET, but mellow, not so much...which is good, because he is more fun than we expected. He is better described as an agile clown- Very entertaining and full of antics. We are working on putting weight on him, as he is still at least 5 lbs underweight.

He is excellent with children of all ages, though he will do best with ones that are able to place a hand on his tail so they don't get whacked with his perpetual wagging. He is learning the basics, as he didn't come to us knowing even how to sit, and he will now sit and wait for his food. Reno loves walks and doesn't pull on a leash, and can even be walked by a four year old. He is a good running partner for someone who runs two to three miles or so (he gets tired after that.) He is good with dogs and cats, though he is a bit afraid of the resident dog-hating cat in his foster home. Reno has overcome his initial resource guarding with consistent reinforcement of the pack hierarchy (being fed last, getting attention after the resident dogs, etc.) and is now just one of the gang. He plays well with the resident Doberman, if she can catch him!!! He is super fast, can jump high in his quest for total squirrel annihilation, though hasn't tried to jump or climb the 6 foot privacy fence at his foster home. He LOVES fetch and seeking and destroying soft dog toys. Reno likes to collect shoes and socks and bury them under his blankets, though he has never damaged the shoes (kids' toys and dogs' toys are indistinguishable to him, however.) He does very well in his crate, kenneling up without trouble, sleeping there quietly overnight and during work hours. Reno is house trained, though has not been left unsupervised much, so not sure how long days along might go uncrated.

Reno is very snuggly, and will need someone who'd like to teach him the ropes, love him and throw him his favorite toy...Crunched up plastic bottles!

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