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Captain Jack Needs Your Help!!

Captain Jack was left at the vet office by his owner, but I'm not sure why. He stayed there for a week and was going to be put down because they couldn't find a new home for him. He was taken to the shelter in hopes that someone would adopt him. He ran out of time at the shelter, also. He was so nice and very handsome that I couldn't let such a beautiful boy's life end in that manner, so he came home with me. We have an over abundance of dogs and cats in the area and with the economy, a lot of people have surrendered their animals for various reasons.

Captain Jack is a very well mannered boy. He loves a good petting but doesn't jump all over you. He is very good with routines. He waits to get out of the kennel in the morning where he gets outside with other dogs for exercise. He enjoys being outside and gets along well with most dogs. He shares a kennel with a female hound mix, they are very similar in temperament, and get along well together. He likes his food and when it is time to go back into the kennel, he runs to his kennel and waits for me to open the gate. If I'm a little slow getting to his gate, he comes back over to me and runs back to the gate. He is not aggressive over the food. They seem to each pick their bowl and stay with it till it is gone or they have had enough.

I have never had him in a house, but he will not go in his kennel overnight. He is not gun shy. I live in the country and in the fall there is a lot of hunting. Some of my other fosters hide at gun fire, but Captain just stands looking around. He does not bark excessively, either.

He has had all his shots, is heart worm negative and on preventative. He is such a great dog.

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