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Gretel is Waiting for You!

Hello world,

My name is Gretel. I am a young 1.5 year old English Pointer dog. I live with a great foster family in South Texas and have been accepted into the Pointer Rescue Organization program. Check it out! Sounds fancy eh? They help English Pointers like myself get a new start in life.

I have a wonderful life and am very loved but that wasn't always the case. I was found wandering a rural neighborhood where there were lots of wild animals. I had to fend for myself and forage for food, sometimes the neighbors would feed me. Then I found myself in something they call a KILL shelter. It was very scary for me. I was all alone and confused. I was one of the very few lucky ones that made it out alive. That was a close call. I've been told that lots of nice people on Facebook were networking me, some from places far away. My foster mom says it takes a village. Then it happened! I was sprung from that awful place. My life was about to change!

You should see the place where I live now. I'm a lucky girl. I have my own bedroom all to myself. I come inside to get out of the Texas heat! A doggie door would be nice so I could come and go as I please and how about a dog run? I even sleep in my kennel @ night. My silly Foster Dad calls me Gretel in the Kettle when I'm in my kennel. Wow and now I have all the food and water I need and chew toys abundant. I even received vaccines, a microchip and I have my very own vet (he thinks I'm pretty special). We have a big swimming pool here but I use it for a track. I race round and round the pool deck, working on my figure, you know. I tried swimming but its really not my cup of tea. When I am outside I am always working, looking around. I notice everything, nothing gets by me. We have a big wooden fence to keep me safe. I am a diamond in the RUFF! Mom says I need to mind my manners.

I love my foster family. They have a teenager, a grown kid and 3 big dogs! Then they occasionally take in cool dogs like me that just need a helping paw. My foster dad and I stay busy working on the house. I have helped him with so many projects. He needs encouraging from time to time. BOL! I get to cuddle up at night with my foster dad, we watch T.V. from our favorite recliner. I enjoy other dogs company and get along with kids too, not sure about cats (my foster mom said shes a dog person).

I am looking for the perfect family of my own. I am a very loyal dog and have a lifetime of love to give. I need an active family that adores dogs. I would love to take long walks with you or maybe I could be your jogging partner. When we get home from our walks I will be content to just be by your side and keep you company. I am searching for a family that will love me forever.

My foster mom's gonna cry but she said she understands.

Are you the one for me?



Transport available to approved homes! If you would like to learn more or are interested in adopting Gretel please fill out an adoption application!

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