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Silo Needs Your Help


He's doing wonderful. Sings/howls for us when he's happy to see a family member come home. He is doing great with our busily family of six. We have four children, ages 13, 10,6, and 2. He is as gentle and sweet as he can be, doesn't jump up on the kids and has an ever wagging tail while they love on him. He gets along with our dogs, we have four, he has the most fun with our 1 year old Brittany mix, the two of them have a great time. He cannot be left unsupervised with cats, but if you give him a firm 'no' he'll leave the kitties alone. BUT if you are not supervising, it's game on, he's super rough with the cats so it's best if he goes to a home with no cats. He's crate trained, walks well on a leash, dislikes rain in true pointer fashion, loves to chew. We've been giving him raw cow bones in his crate and his teeth look beautiful. He's a gorgeous dog, with a loving heart for his family! I hope he gets a home with room for a sweet loving pointer.

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