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Gunner Needs Your Help

Hi my name is Gunner, well it's my new name anyway ( I don't know how to tell them old name )!

A lot has happened to me lately; I have been on two planes and a bunch of car rides and I will tell you while I can deal with them I am a little unsure of all this moving going on inside of them!!

So let me tell you I just moved into a new home with three other dogs, two boys and a girl, I have been told I am great with them all, oh and they have this little black animal they call a cat and I'm cool with him too!! It's fun in my new home, I have gone for runs on the road and in the woods off leash even!!

They have said I am really good on that leash thingy, which I now sit before they put it on me. While it is fun here they made me do some stuff I can do with out, like they put me in a CRATE, but they have started to let me out overnights (amen)!!! And they have made me SIT and WAIT when they open the outside door! I don't get it, but I do it for them - they say I aim to please! I have only been here for 3 weeks and I have been told I am just staying until my forever home (whatever that is)? I like everyone I meet and I let them know with my wagging tail!! The only thing I do not love is car rides and thunderstorms, but I get through them no biggie.


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