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Rex Needs Your Help

First of all I would like to say that I am truly heartbroken to have to give up Rex. He is truly a wonderful dog, who is friendly and affectionate. He is lay back and non confrontational with other dogs; I have a Springer Spaniel and two Bichons. He is overall obedient but likes to jump on you (which is my fault because I don't mind it at all). He sits but I am not sure about lay down and stay. He is both house and crate trained. He does not know how to walk on the leash very well and pulls. We have a kennel built into our garage area that has AC; Rex and Chester (Springer Spaniel) are in crates while the two little ones run freely. We both work full time and therefore the dogs are crated from 6am to 5pm and then out and about with me for about 4 hours. They are out all day on weekends except when it is too hot and I put them up to stay cool.

Rex is a hunting dog and loves to hunt, run and swim. I do not know how good of a hunter he is since my husband has not taken him hunting in a while; he would most probably need a refresher course.

He came to us skinny, with no social skills and did not even know his name. He belonged to a hunter in the true sense of the term, where he only went from a stinky crate to the hunting field and then back to the stinky crate.

The ideal home for him would be one where he is loved as a pet and either taken hunting and/or exercised regularly (he would be an ideal partner for a daily jogger). He loves those long walks where he can stretch his long legs and run fast. I do put a shock collar on him on those walks because he will run out of sight very quickly.

I give him tons of loving but not enough exercise. Rex will chew or tear up anything he finds out of boredom which can include his bed, the other doggy beds, paper, cardboard, toys, etc. He has never chewed anything in the previous house. He had never dug holes up to now but has just started digging huge holes in my pastures to hunt rats, moles, etc. He is a beautiful pointer and will hold the point for a long time. I breed Arabians and I cannot afford to have my expensive mares and babies break a leg in holes I did not even know existed. As I fill up holes, he digs new ones. I really do not think this would be a problem in a home where he is exercised frequently. He is used to cats, donkeys and horses. He loves to ride the Kuboda with me as do the others.

My Springer Spaniel is aggressive with him and won't allow poor Rex to play or have fun in general and that is why an ideal home would be one with lay back dogs. He does not like to be left alone in his crate but is fine when I leave the others with him. Rex is not a barker but will bark when there is thunder. All my dogs are on a free grain diet, are UTD on their worming program and shots.

For adoption information, please contact:

Sonia Lightsey
Houston, TX

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