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Zelda Is Ready for You

Sweet, loving, playful and beautiful, 4-year-old Zelda has it all. The only thing she is missing is a home to call her own.

Zelda is named after the novelist Zelda Fitzgerald, because, like Zelda the writer, Zelda the Pointer is a Southern lady with a story to tell. She was surrendered to a small shelter in rural South Carolina. When she arrived there, she was severely emaciated and had 8 tiny puppies. Her owner had been incarcerated and she was considered a cruelty case. Sadly, all of her puppies died.

The shelter workers recognized Zelda's kind and noble spirit and restored her to health during her two-month stay. She has been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped and she is heartworm negative. When her time ran out at the shelter, she narrowly escaped "the list" when she was accepted by Pointer Rescue Organization. She made it into her foster home with just hours to spare, and everyone at the shelter was thrilled and relieved.

Zelda gets along with everyone, plays enthusiastically and nicely with other dogs, and is cat tested and cat approved! At the shelter, they said that she did well with children. She is housebroken, walks on a leash without pulling very much, and knows basic commands such as "sit" and "come." We are working on "down" and "stay." In her foster home, she has the run of the house, but she is also crate trained and will kennel up when asked to. She shows hunting instinct.

Despite everything life has put her through, Zelda is extremely friendly, affectionate and well-behaved. She loves to curl up with you on the couch or on the bed, but is also happy to sleep on a dog bed on the floor if you ask her to. If you are not available, she will snuggle up with another dog, or even a cat. She seems to have been well treated and well loved at some point in her life and expects the best out of people. She looks right into your eyes, practically melts when you pat her, and every time you look at her she wags her tail. She loves belly rubs. She has a beautiful pointer smile, and does a happy dance when she is excited. She is very trainable, and learns quickly for treats. She likes to be near her people.

Zelda does need a securely fenced yard and will need more training to be trusted off leash. In the house and on a training lead, her recall is excellent. When she is off leash, she wants to run fast and she can and will slip through or under any gaps in the fence if you are not watching her. She will probably settle down once she is secure in her surroundings and knows she has found her own people and her own place in the world.

Zelda would do well in any home where people love dogs, because Zelda loves people. She would probably be happiest if she had other dogs to play with, but other dogs are not necessary. She adores attention and affection, and she wants and deserves her own family to love. Could that family be yours?

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