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Macey Needs a New Home

Macey was found in a barn in very bad shape. She had apparently escaped from her previous home where she was chained up and not fed well or tended to medically. This previous life has Macey being a little skittish of new people but she warms up very quickly and is very affectionate. She is also alarmed by loud vehicles and trains, but this is also getting better very quickly. Due to these temporary issues, she would be best suited in a fenced yard or kept on a leash in areas where big trucks might make her run until she is accustomed to her new surroundings. We live in the country and she runs free in the yard with our 5 other dogs and chickens. It only took 2 scoldings to break her of chasing the chickens. She gets along wonderfully with big and little dogs, and kids.

Macey loves to ride, and does great on a leash. She is house trained and for the most part knows better than to put her feet on the counters or get on the furniture. This silly girl is a 'treasure collector' and likes to stash socks, wash rags, hankies, shoes, dishes, toys, bones, food, and anything else she can tote to her crate. Macey likes her crate, and is happy to be there while sleeping at night, eating her food, and when nobody is home to monitor her collecting. Having had a very boring childhood, she does still chew, but is learning to keep it to her toys and bones.

Macey should make a good working dog soon after she gets past her trust and curiosity issues, but for now it is still just getting her use to basic life skills and discipline. She is very 'birdy', will hold a point, will slow flush on command, whoa and back, She has a very soft mouth but needs work on realizing it is not 'her bird'. Macey would make a great pet for someone who is willing to take a little time to get her settled in, and she has a lovely little way of showing her appreciation!!

For any questions feel free to call me at 334.202.9545, email me at shanasplace1@gmail.com, or Facebook Shana Howard Cox.

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