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Stewy Needs a New Start

Howdy!! My name is Stewy and I have had a bit of a rough life. I want my forever home so bad!!!! I live in Corpus Christi, TX right now. I have been in the Humane Society, an animal shelter, and at least 2 different homes before coming to my foster home. I am not sure why my people didnít want me. I am such a gentleman! I know how to sit on command, I donít dig in the yard nor do I counter or trash surf. OK, if something smells REALLY good and my foster family leaves it on the coffee table right at my level, every once in a while, I just canít help myself and I might try a biteL. But I usually wait until they leave the room (hee-hee). I love to travel. I have even ridden with my foster family all the way from Texas to Canada and did great in our travel trailer when we camped. I donít chew on things or make messes. How could you not want me????

I am about 11 years old and have some hip issues. But with my medís, I am as good as new. I am a buff 60 pounds. I have to say, I love to just lay around on my bed or snuggle up with my foster family on the couch. Yes, they let me up there. It makes me very happy. If you want a really chill dog, I am your man. I get really scared though when I am put in a crate. If you had been put in as many scary oneís that I have been put in, you probably wouldnít like it either.

I am so special that I have been microchipped, neutered, I get all my shots, and I get heartworm preventative every month. Gotta take care of yourself, ya know?

I have a young female Pointer friend at my foster home and I get along OK with her. However, she just kind of leaves me alone as she knows I can get a little grumpy sometimes if she comes near and I am sitting with my foster family. I donít like her to get the attention that I have craved for soooooo long and I am finally getting it. I guess I could get along with another dog in a new home if I had to, but it might take some getting used to. I really donít care about playing with other dogs much. I would really love to just get all the love and attention that there is from my family. I have a cat at my foster home too, and for the most part I just leave him alone. Every once in a while I will growl just to remind him who is boss. Gotta keep my manhood!!! I would love to go for car rides with you and I will follow you from room to room in your home to keep you company because I just like to be with my family. However, every once in a while I like to just go hang in the bedroom by myself. Most of the time, honestly, I am sleeping on couch. You donít have to worry about anything with me. If you forget to feed me I will gently remind you with a precious nudge. If you donít get that, I will probably tell you in my best doggy voice, ďIím hungryĒ. You will be pretty impressed how much I can sound like I am really saying it. I will also, because I am so smart, let my foster family know that their dog needs to go outside. She wonít use the doggy door like I will. Donít tell anyone, she would be embarrassed. I will go back and wake my foster parents up if I need to for her if she gets really desperate. I try to be a good friend while I am here. I can also ask for out when there isnít a doggie door. I am kind of cool like that.

My foster family hasnít seen me a lot around little kids. I have done OK with little ones that have been in their home, however, with my sore hips and back sometimes, I canít help but be grumpy if someone leans on my back and puts pressure on it too hard. For that reason, I really think I would prefer that I be with older kids that would know better than to do that to me. I have 2 teenage boys in my foster home now and do great with them.

Please donít discount me because of my age. PLEASE adopt me!!!!! I am a very smart and very sweet old man. Very handsome too if I do say so myself I just want my forever home to love me for the rest of my hopefully many years to come.

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