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Lillian Needs a New Home

Miss Lillian has just moved into a new foster home. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in GA. It appears she spent her life hunting and making puppies. She was in very rough shape when she came into rescue. She is now healthy, happy and more than ready for her very own family. She has had a rough life before this, with poor nutrition and no medical care. She is a wonderful, quiet, gentle and loving girl. She gets along great with all the dogs here in her foster home especially the 7 week old puppy. She also loves, loves the cat. She is a very sweet, playful and happy girl. She craves any kind words and attention. Loves to ride quietly in the car; she curls up and goes right to sleep.

Miss Lillian suffered from Entropion eye, a very irritating and painful conditon, all her life. It was not surgically repaired until we brought her into Pointer Rescue so she does have some loss of sight, we are not sure how much. She can't see treats in your hand but seems to get around inside and outside quite well.

Entropion is the inversion, or rolling inward, of all or part of the edge of an eyelid, which causes the hair-bearing part of the lid to come into contact with the outside of the eyeball. This creates friction, irritation and discomfort and can severely damage the eye. Information on Entropion

Please consider giving this gentle, loving girl her forever home. She deserves one!!

If interested in adopting, please fill out an application.

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