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Deuce Needs a New Home

Deuce is 3-ish years old, neutered, UTD On shots, heartworm negative and on Heartguard.

Sweet Sweet Sweet! Deuce has been a wonderful foster.

Upon arrival was skittish and worried about surroundings but has settled into a routine of playing in the back yard with other dogs. He really enjoys a friend to run and chase around at high gear and has never offered to nip, bite or show any aggression to my dogs, cats or anyone who has come into our home.

He is shy upon meeting new people, but warms up quickly and enjoys lots of hugs, petting and tummy rubs. If permitted on furniture he is a real cuddle pup, wonderful personality.

He enjoys his toys and Nylabones and will go into his crate at first asking. Sleeps late and must be awakened to go outdoors with older dogs! Have only heard him bark twice, and that was at squirrels.

He does need something to occupy him when in a room as will shred newspapers, check books, and pens if found on the floor. He no longer counter surfs, has never jumped up on a person and has a great sense of space, never impeding anyone or dashing in front of someone.

Deuce is a high energy boy that enjoys long walks on leash - harness. He is sensitive to sudden loud or unusual noises while walking but becoming much more confident. Because of this it would be best that his exercise be on leash or in a fenced yard.

I took him to Petsmart and he greeted all the store clerks and walked through the aisles checking out other pets but be never showing aggression, only interest in what was going on and how he could get a pat on the head.

Deuce does need work on commands, but is willing, just gets preoccupied and distracted. He does take some time to get used to new situations, he would likely do best in a home without younger (energetic) children that might worry him with their noise and energy.

He is looking for a home with other pets, or solo, as he never seems to mind being left alone in his crate. Simply enjoys playtime with others! Sweet, lovable and willing to please.

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