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Nico Needs Your Help

Nico (formerly Jack) just arrived at his new PRO foster home in SC. Here is the first update from his new foster:

He is a sweet heart. He loves to cuddle and is learning commands very quickly. He is not entirely housebroken but we are working on it. He knows the commands: come, sit, inside and outside now. He has been very good with our other dog and our cats. I think that Nico would do well in a house with older children perhaps, but not young ones. He is very clingy and just wants to be loved. If he sees you petting another animal, he runs over to get in on the action too. He is still obviously a little insecure with his surroundings but his personality is really starting to blossom. He is not an overly excitable dog, he is one of the more docile pointers I have ever met in terms of energy level. He is quiet except for food time. He loves to talk to you while you are getting his food ready.

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