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Britain Needs Your Help

Britain was found in Tuttle, Oklahoma about 3 weeks ago. She was roaming around my grandparents house and my uncle was about to take her to the pound. She was alone and dehydrated and starving. Her ribs were protruding and she was alarmingly thin. I told him I would take her in rather than have her put down at the pound. We took her to the vet the next day and she got a clean bill of health other than her weight (which has much improved but improving still). We also got her all her shots. It appears she has had puppies fairly recently. She is such a sweetie. She has been great around my children who are 12, 8 and 1, and our other dogs. She was dangerously under nourished so she is very possessive of her food. I feed her in a closed room by herself; away from the other dogs. She sometimes shies away from you as you approach her; as if she is expecting to be struck. She has a wonderful temperament and loves cuddles. She LOVES being outside and running around. She has done well in the house; she hasn't chewed on anything and rarely barks. Only 2 potty accidents. I am hoping she will find a loving home who can take care of her and provide her with wide spaces to run and play.

I am proud at least that she is still alive because of us:)!! I want her to have a good home; she deserves it.

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