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Dylan Needs a New Home

Hi! Im Dylan, or Bobby Dills, as Im sometimes called by my foster mom and pop. Would you believe someone left me on the side of the road? Welp, its true. Just four months ago, I was found curled up, starving, and nearly furless. Glad to say, Ive put on weight and have even grown all my hair back from that nasty fungal infection!

Since then, life here at my foster home is good. In the morning I am most active, and do like a chew toy or two. If you wanna take me with you in the car, thats just great. Ill hop right in and out, and fall asleep as soon as you start to drive!

As for house manners, I sit for my food, sit for walks and jogs outside, even sit for you to throw the ball to me... you know, just anytime you ask me, cause, gee do I love to please. In fact, I sit so tall and so straight, I nearly fall over backwards. Ha!

The only time I bark is when someone comes to the door. You know, just giving them a warning that I mean business.

Im also crate trained. Of course, if you let me sit on the couch with you, Ill curl up in a little ball right next to you while you watch your shows. When you go to your bed, though, I will go right into mine. But if you are awake, Ill follow you around the house til you are settled. I just sit wherever you are, period.

I do great with kids. Young boys are my favorite, maybe cause theyre kinda like me! I will stand or sit next to them calmly while they pet me, or put my paws on their lap to show them I wanna be their best buddy.

Yeah, I want to play with cats, but not hurt them. I like to jump in front of them to see what will happen, ya know? They just make me so excited! Right now, I am learning how to sit quietly next to them, and, well, not to eat their kitty doo when no one is looking. Mom and Dad says its rude to eat poo. Go figure!

As for other dogs, boy do I love new friends! When at the dog park, for example, I stay away from the aggressive dominant pups. (Being mean is just so boring!) Id rather play with the tail waggers who are more laid back, and I look for the guys and gals who wanna play tag. Cause boy, do I love to run and run, and run!

Well, thats what I know about me. Hope to meet you soon!

For adoption information, please visit Proverbs 1210 Rescue

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