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Landry Needs Your Help

Landry (4 years old, fostered in Indiana)

Howdy, y’all! I’m Landry. My life has been one big adventure!!

I started out as a hunting dog, running through the fields of Kentucky, chasing BIRDS!! I sure do love BIRDS! Then one day I was chasing BIRDS, and I got so excited and ran so fast that I couldn’t find my people. I ran and ran and ended up being picked up by animal control. After a few weeks of being really hungry and cold in the shelter, I ended up in a really nice lady’s house- just in time for Christmas! She told me that I was getting ready to go to my new home in Lou-Easy-Anna, wherever that was.

My new home was really great, even though I didn’t have any other dogs to play with. I especially loved the little humans- they would dress me up, and feed me treats, fall asleep in a big pile on top of me on the sofa, even sing me to sleep at night- I loved it! But then, mom started going away more and more and leaving me home alone, and my little humans were gone even more than her. I was so sad, and scared that they’d left me forever! I would get so scared that I’d chew on things to make myself feel better. When she’d get home, I’d be so excited that I’d bolt right out the front door run and run and run! It was so much fun, and it’s what I was trained to do before! But one time, I was running and running and was hit by a car. It was so scary, and it hurt! After that time, mom took me to the vet and hugged me goodbye, and left me there. I was so upset that I tried to run after them! But I couldn’t make it. I felt so alone, and abandoned. I missed my little humans. I missed my mom.

Then a nice family took me on a long, long car ride. When they stopped, I knew where I was- I was back with the nice lady who saved me from animal control. At first, I was really sad. Even though I had lots of other dogs to be my friends (even other dogs who loved BIRDS!), I missed my little humans and my mom so much. I slept a lot, and didn’t want to snuggle with the nice lady. I didn’t want to play. I only wanted to curl up on one corner of the sofa and sleep all day.

Months went by. I stopped hating my crate- stopped trying to run away- stopped missing my old family. I learned to play with my furry brothers and sisters, and now we all sleep in a big pile on the couch like I used to with my little humans. I like to sit and watch the nice lady too. Last week, I even started to ask the nice lady to play with me! She started making funny human noises and kissed my nose and hugged me, and said she couldn’t wait until I found my perfect home. When she went off to work and I was curling up for my daily nap, I started to think about what she’d said. I even started to wish a little bit.

If I were to pick out my perfect home… hmm, let’s see. I would want lots of room to run and chase BIRDS! I would want a person who loved me and would play with me. I definitely want another dog to play with and snuggle up with at night! I want a big soft sofa to sleep on. And… maybe a little human or two, to play with and hug me. I think I’d like that a lot.


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